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Apr 9, 2016
Mar 21, 2004
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Apr 17, 1962 (Age: 54)
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Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada

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LawnSite Bronze Member, 54, from Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada

shepoutside was last seen:
Apr 9, 2016
    1. Ducko
      Hey Shep,

      I hope your season went well. I am doing my logistics for my 1st season of sealing. I really want to get my numbers so I can know how much money I made and also how much money I can make next year.

      My goal is to figure out how much money I need to make each week to reach my goal.

      The question I want to ask you is, would you happen to know how much sealant is used per sq. ft?

      For example, if I seal a driveway that is 800 sq.ft how much would it cost me in product?

      Thanks in advance!

    2. newguy123
      Hey Shepoutside,

      I read a thread about Just Mow it (TJ Justice) and his business plan, and noticed you had a post on that thread. Just wondering if you're still in this type of a plan for your lawn business and was wondering if you'd be willing to provide a little advice on it. I own a lawn care company (small, just me) in MN. My city demographics sound a lot like what you stated there outside Toronto.

      Thanks a lot.

    3. rogie75
      Where can i find black mac in the Barrie area? Im hoping it's the stuff to use!
    4. PaceSetter
      Hi Shep (Kevin) Looks like start to another year. Did you make it to CapeBreton last summer? I put about 500km on my 1300vtx motor bike so far this year & out trout fishing only once not even a bite. Thanks for the good info you provide here, what a forum is really for, sharing tips and information.
    5. hotdog55
      hi shep just starting in oshawa would like to talk to you email your number and ill give you a call rodney at lairdwriker@YAHOO.CA THANKS
    6. Belleaire Care
      Belleaire Care
      Hi Kevin, just wanted to say 'hi' and thanks again for the info you share. Looking forward to warmer weather and line painting season!! Might try the new Sh.W. waterborne paint this year, highway line painters were using many totes of it last year apparantly up around Georgian Bay.
    7. AceAceSpade
      hello Kevin getting ready for the season? i just got myself in a 500 gallon set up, for liquid asphalt and am really happy with it =), i wanted to ask you cause your probably the best guy to ask this q to, am in need of a permit and was wondering if it was hard to get , do i have to get my tank inspected, i don't know where to start, look forward to working with you on my lot, thanks sam
    8. TheCanadianLawnRanger
      i do sidewalks..im so sick of it already..i just love the smell of fresh cut grass
    9. TheCanadianLawnRanger
      hey fellow canuck.

      you gettign excited for the up coming year?
    10. AceAceSpade
      well when all this snow melts, when my lot gets sprayed you could do the markings i wanted to add some speed bumps too, if you could please give me a contact number i would appreciate it, thanks sam
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    Apr 17, 1962 (Age: 54)
    Home Page:
    Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada
    Services Your Company Provides:
    Line striping, and Pavement Marking, Sealcoating, Lawn Maintenance

    Fishing/ adventure motorcycles metal detecting


    Sheps Pavement Marking
    Sheps Mow & Go
    Hot Rubberized Crack Sealing
    Ashpalt Sealcoating.
    Mow & Go Lawncare