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Jun 29, 2016
Apr 2, 2008
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Jun 29, 2016
    1. 69911e
      I am looking for a good Turf Tiger for home use.
      How many hours on the engine?
      Does it have a ROPS?
    2. Decoste76
      do you know who and where it was being sold at?
    3. Decoste76
      paid 5,000 for it
    4. Decoste76
      I dont think you looked at this truck, got this one done in gloucester, ma
    5. bluegranite
      Where did you get the chrome grill and lights?
    6. dmax plower
      dmax plower
      How much Do you think you will be able to carry on the single wheel?

    7. dmax plower
      dmax plower
      hi how are you my name is casey i live in farmington ct and two things is middletown crazy after the exsplosion and you were talking about putting a dump body on the 97 im doing the same thing to my truck were are you going to get that
    8. Bluegrass Landscaping
      Bluegrass Landscaping
      I noticed you have a SCAG edger. One is available in my area and I would like to know how they perform and the pros/cons of the machine. Particularly, do they redifine landscape beds or are they primarily used for sidewalk/driveway edges? Any information would be much appreciated. In advance, thank you.
    9. Phillip Lambert
      Phillip Lambert
      I am needing a vac system to blow into my truck. Have a property that is all leafs. Would like to purchase right away. 256-508-4864 Phillip
    10. CTmower
      Saw a few pics of your fall clean up set up from last year and had a few questions. Saw that your have a dump insert in your truck and was just wondering how the truck and insert hold up to the leaf box you built. What kind of insert is it?? Im looking into getting a insert soon but just worried it wont hold the weight of all the leaves but i could be wrong. Any info would be great!!
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    2002 Ford F250 - XLT - 4x4 - ext. cab
    1997 Ford F350 - XL - 4x4 - Diesel - Insert Dump
    1997 Ford F250 - XLT - 4x4 - Diesel - some extras
    1997 Ford Ranger - XLT - 4x4
    Kubota L3540 - HST - Loader - Backhoe
    Kubota L3940 - HSTC - Snowblower - Belly Mower
    Scag Turf Tigers
    Wright Standers
    Stihl 2-stroke equipment