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Apr 20, 2015
Feb 21, 2012
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Apr 20, 2015
    1. Smit6819
      Where'd you get your trailer from? Trying to find a dealer.
    2. Smit6819
      VERY helpful information! Did they have to special order the side ramp? I'm having a hard time finding titans with the side ramp in stock. Also, where'd you get it from? I love in Duluth so it's expected I get it from the cities. Thanks again.
    3. DA Quality Lawn & YS
      DA Quality Lawn & YS
      Hi Smit,

      Great question. In a nutshell, yes that price is right on with what I paid. 7x14 Stealth Titan SE with std 2500 lb back drop down gate and 4' side ramp (1k lb I think). I do not have the roof vent as I had an 8' garage door to clear and it just fits with an inch to spare (something to think about).

      I have been very pleased with the trailer. Mostly, the side ramp, it is a MUST.
      One thing that I did NOT like is the Chinese bias ply tires that came with the unit standard. Shot after 3-4 months of use. And when I mean shot, right down to the belts. Pay to upgrade to radials Load class D (if they are a good brand like Carlisle) or when the dealer gets it, throw those crappy tires off and put radials on. Other than that, nice rig!

      If I can find some pics I will send them to you. It is in winter storage now and I can't get good pics in the storage unit as it is too tight to see the sides clearly.

    4. meets1
      No i do not. Sold it sunday afternoon. Thanks
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