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Dec 26, 2015
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Dec 26, 2015
    1. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      well please keep me posted and let me know if/what the problem may be if your friend finds one
    2. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      It just doesn't make any sense to me that you can't login or access your account as all your settings and everything on the sites end are fine...please keep me posted and let me know if you are able to login
    3. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      I don't know why you are having the issues you are but when I check everything out on our end everything is fine with your account. If you logged out, cleared your cookies and cache, restarted your computer, etc. then it should be good to go...have you tried on IE or Firefox yet? What about on an iPad or mobile device?
    4. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      you've been a member for over 4 years and have 3,500 posts on PlowSite so I don't think you should start over...can you take a screen shot of what it looks like and email me at
    5. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      ok, please keep me posted as I just checked again and all is fine with your account so I am thinking there is something on your end (browser issue possibly?)

    6. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      I just checked and everything is fine with your PlowSite account so not sure what the issue could it showing you ss logged in? And, have you tried clearing your cookies and cache then logging into the site?
    7. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      Do you have the same user name on PlowSite? If not, let me know so I can check into it
    8. terrya
      Mr.Snyder,i demoed the classic 3160 Kawi.Ill share my thoughts good and bad.I am different than most folks since ive always loved the looks of Dixies,but that shouldnt really matter.Obviously great power but loves gas.The trim side is hard to see with the big tank.Tires were not the turf boss but still wasnt impressed,they spun alot.Now to the deck,it made a beautiful cut,BUT did not seem to spray the clippings out very far at all,was mowing a weekly that had a little bit of moisture in it,like i say the row i was cutting was great but had to go back over it to get the clipping.Im no expert but that confused me seeing how it has a large disharge chute and when i was finished there was NO grass stuck to deck.Seat was nice,forgot to mention after all rhe tire spinning i checked the pressure and reduced from 12 to 8,didnt help.Any thoughts?
    9. Snyder's Lawn Inc
      Snyder's Lawn Inc
      Well if they made it that year and stop Good luck with it . Can you post photo of it
    10. jncornett
      It's the Classic T 3560 they only made it in 2012.
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