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Southern Pride
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May 23, 2011
Mar 19, 2010
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Southern Pride

LawnSite Bronze Member, from Memphis

Southern Pride was last seen:
May 23, 2011
    1. zak406
      Where have you been bud?
    2. Lefet
      Hey!! Where you at???????????????
    3. jumpball
      I just received my 375 speed feed - I notice on the Speed Feed website it recommends .080 vs .095. You said you use the .095 on your 375 speed feed. Is that correct?
    4. jumpball
      Just tried my new RedMax!
      You are right, it’s an awesome trimmer. It’s light, easy starting and feels very comfortable. It was raining today and it cut thru the long grass with no problem. I prefer to have the shield off and looking forward to the speed feed once it arrives.
      This RedMax model is perfect for the average home owner looking for a quality trimmer, light weight and great power.
      Thank you for your recommendation!
    5. Southern Pride
      Southern Pride
      Yeah, you can buy another head at the Big Jack store on ebay. I think they're about $60 or 70 plus a hefty $20+ shipping so I'm waiting to order until the phone rings for a significant hedge job lol
    6. nashvillerookie
      I just read a thread mentioning that you accidentally broke the head on your Big Jack hedge trimmer. Did you find a replacement? If so, can you share the specs.?


      Steve Collins
      Nashville, TN
    7. Southern Pride
      Southern Pride
      You will love it. Be sure to write me back after you use it. I also suggest removing the trimmer shield/guard. It does little to block anything and it trims/edges best when the line is able to go out a little further than the shield/guard will allow. Just my opinion though. Always wear sunglasses or safety glasses.
    8. jumpball
      I order the 375 speed feed head on Ebay this morning. It’s was the same company you recommended. What are the odds, eh!
      I am looking forward to my new toy and say good-buy to my old 14 lb McCullough. Yah baby.
    9. jumpball
      Well , I just order my new TR2350S from Wisesales today. Thanks for all your input. I will buy a 375 speed feed head too.
      What type of brand line do you find works the best?
    10. lukepais15
      Yes I am that kid. And thank you so much for all that great information this helps a lot! I have just a couple questions if you dont want to answer dont worry. do you have any partners/crews that work for you? And also what should you really have to do comercial lots. Like insurance wise!
      Thank You very much!
      Luke Paisley
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