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    1. curbsidelawns
      Hey greenscapes i see your latest posts and wanted to let you know im interested in either buying or sub contracting if you need to get rid of any accounts im based in piscataway. let me know either way i see you in s plainfield all the time.
    2. kyles landscape
      kyles landscape
      i saw in a post you said you bought out a LCO accounts. can you give me some info on that. im in the process of buying about 75 accounts from a company starting 2017. i wana do it the right way, legal way, and hopefully not get screwed way
    3. bjonross
      If you are still looking for a payroll provider give me a call. Barry 320 420 2188. I work with small businesses and provide them with a simple and affordable payroll solution. or send me an email barryjonross@gmail.com
    4. jc1
      We don't use contracts or agreements. Never had the need to on residential. We even have a few larger commercial property's with no contract just a written estimate. We usually give an initial estimate for easily priced services clearly stated and then for variables supply an hourly rate for a three man crew. Our leaf clean ups never are less then a previous service so if it takes 2 hours the first year it is 2 hours every year. Wind, branches etc will not significantly change the time it takes to perform the work from year to year. On our invoices for clean ups we will put. 3 man crew cleaning up leaves and debris from 8:30 until 10:00 With the total $300 not 2x150=300.
      Yes there are times someone will play games and dispute a cut or something but if it occurs too much we use three strikes your out and drop them politely.
    5. H & M Yard Improvements
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