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    1. greendoctor
      To answer your question about pressure, that is what the regulated hand piece is for. Referring to the Teejet catalog, it is possible for me to get very close to my desired gallonage by selecting the right nozzle sizes. I run 40 PSI with AI 110 nozzles when spraying postemergent herbicides. I verify a walking speed of 2 MPH when setting pressures and choosing tips. This is a precise application with very little overspray or drift. I like this a lot better than the Chemlawn gun. I have nightmares of flicking drops of some really potent chemicals into a flower bed. Not to mention how these really potent chemicals are rather specific about how they should be applied. Nozzle types, pressure, and nozzle/boom height are specified on the product labeling.
    2. greendoctor
      I built mine from PVC nipples and the Quick Teejet nozzle bodies that are made to clamp onto pipe. The most important part of this is a regulated hand piece/trigger that attaches to the hose from your skid sprayer. I run 1 gallon per 1000 for postemergent herbicides. Straight fertilizer is 5 gallons per 1000. It is hard to say what is right for you because I am spraying warm season grasses and I do use a lot of the less commonly used turf herbicides normally seen on golf courses. But those are the products that work.
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