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Oct 6, 2013
Jan 18, 2012
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Oct 6, 2013
    1. Green Growers
      Green Growers
      Would you be able to call me? I would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding this issue. 316-288-6021 thanks
    2. Green Growers
      Green Growers
      Hello, thanks for the reply. I am owed about 6k for 2012 and Im going to place a mechanics lien on the properties. Did you do that or sue them in court? Is this going to do any good?
    3. SRD Landscape
      SRD Landscape
      I has not been resolved. Rumor is CLS lost ALL of the BOA's effective October 15th.
    4. PhilHarwood
      Just curious if the situation has been resolved...and if your client was CLS on behalf of BOA?
    5. SRD Landscape
      SRD Landscape
      Complete Landscape Systems of Wichita KS are you speaking of? Is this money that is owed from 2011 or this season? How many BOA's did you service? Why did they let you go?
    6. askarvelis
      I'm so far in debt right now from it that I may not survive it. I gambled on the big contract and one they have not paid some 60 day money they owe right now and two the people that were going to help me backed out. I am struggling but it's hard. I am owed 53k right now.
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