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Jul 22, 2016 at 8:26 AM
Jun 27, 2005
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Tampa, FL

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Jul 22, 2016 at 8:26 AM
    1. Chris J
      Chris J
      In the past, I was told by a Kichler engineer that it was better to provide more voltage to their LED fixtures, up to 15v, because it was easier on the drivers. Do you agree with this opinion? Would this be accurate information when using Volt products? I've also been told by Volt customer service (Justin or Jesse was his name I believe) that Volt LED products are dimmable, but they do not start dimming until a certain voltage is reached. Is this correct? Can you elaborate on the parameters of voltage required for dimming? Thanks.
    2. noctexlight
      Hi Steve, this is Henry with Noctex, a manufacturer in electronic ballast for HID and CFL lighting. I know this is random but I was wondering if you could give out a free pass to the Light Fair coming up in two days. Please e-mail me at henry.h@noctex.com. Thanks a lot!
    3. dave k
      dave k
      Hi Steve
      I could use your help, I have 3 Kichler MR 16 with 10w/FL32 watt bulbs on my 3 dormers, for some reason the lamps goes out, and when i take off the cover and touch the lamps they will come back on, they will stay lite for a day or so and then go back out, the sockets have the clamps that hold the lamps tight so I don't know why this happens. Sometimes I replace the lamps and they will stay on for some time, do you think the sockets are bad or what ? Also I would like to get rid of the 10 W lamps since they don't last that long, I saw one contractor use 20W lamps and to cut down the brightness he cost screen and paints it black and uses how many he needs to get the brightness that he wants, any help is appreciated.
      What ever happened to the old lighting forums, I haven't been on lawn site or a while..
    4. LightYourNight
      hey steve. I posted a message trying to help homeowners out by link to a forum for them and it was taken down. Is there another way I should have phrased my post. I'm trying to make my website a place for homeowners and contractors to come and get information on lighting. My signature was completely deleted except for my name. I'm not on here looking for customers. Just gaining knowledge and nobody can even see what company I own? Can you help me out?
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