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Aug 3, 2015
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Aug 3, 2015
    1. jasonhc73
      I was trying to get some dimensions from JRCO on the part that connects to the mower, they would not reply. Would you mind taking a pic or two with a tape measure showing the width, or if you know the measurements just send them. Thanks!
    2. MowingIL
      hey stickle, curious to as how well the mobile text marketing is going for you? also would like to see pics of your lettered enclosed trailer if you don't mind, and how the response rate has been even though its been a short time. best of luck to you this season.
    3. lawnpropm
      Take it slow man it took awhle for it to happen for me. Trust me maintenance cash flows while youre working on he big stuff. Mowing and small clean up can be big bucks when youre doing them right
    4. lawnpropm
      Hey buddy hows your season going? I hope all is well and that trailer is bringing in the phone calls for ya. I hope I can get you to to some design on mine soon when i get it lol. I started a picture thread finally check it out
    5. JContracting
      A proposal basically states & describes the services and prices. The contract states all the legality related items such as slip & falls (plowing/salting contracts), hold harmless, times/days of services, payment terms, etc. PM me when you reply, that way I can reply back to you from my phone as I'm on it more than my laptop.
    6. GQLL
      Yes Green Quest is my company
    7. GallucciLandscaping
      Btw, did you use iZigg?
    8. GallucciLandscaping
      Will do. Thanks for getting back to me. Again I love the logo. I'm sure you will get tons of work from it.
    9. GallucciLandscaping
      Hey stickle, just looked at your trailer logo thread. I like your logo and lettering a lot. Kudos to you or whomever came up with the design. Simple, clean, professional. I was also impressed with your QR code/text stick to 90210. Would you care to share what company you used for the text to 90210. Pros/cons

      Thanks a million
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