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May 17, 2012
Aug 24, 2010
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LawnSite Bronze Member, from Zone 7/8 in Tejas

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May 17, 2012
    1. ringahding
      Good lookin biz you have there
    2. JimmyTheGlove
      Your Avatar is awesome. Best that I've seen.
    3. FoghornLeghorn
    4. Ace@A&P
      Geez, sorry. Hadn't been on in awhile. To answer your question...
      I picked up the realtor along with a smaller company that I purchased. (equipment and accounts package deal) The so-called realtor is actually more of a developer buying up foreclosed and distressed homes, fixing them up and putting them on the market. I've found that this is one of most untapped customer bases in our line of work. With these kinds of people persistence and simplicity seems to win them over. I do all of her properties at a set rate. Some are postage stamps and some are larger corner lots but the smaller makeup for the low rates on the larger so it works. The trick to keeping them as customers is to keep it painless for them. A simple invoice at the end of the month at a set rate seems to make them happy. That's once you have them though. Like I said, persistence. You honestly have no other option than face to face (or phone to phone) advertising. Look for houses for sale advertised with generic signs that read "Low Move In" and similar phrases. In most cases those properties are owned by a developer and chances are, they have several on the market and several more that they are trying to get on the market. This can also lead to other work like lot clearing, pressure washing, and clean up jobs which pay far better than maintenance. I spend most of my winter doing "clean-ups" for my customer.

      As far as the bank...same method applies. Banks are tough though. Finding out who to contact is the hardest part. Generally the person you end up working with has no idea what is needed at each property until they get a letter from the city threatening to fine the bank for the home or business becoming unsightly. The advantage here is BIG money. Your charge for the work will be minuscule in comparison to the fines they are facing so as long as your quotes aren't outrageous then they are normally fine with it. The major disadvantage of banks is that it's not steady reliable income and they don't mind making you wait. Expect 30-60 days before you get a check for services rendered.

      In both cases they like it simple and seamless. The developers and realtors like it cheap. They aren't near as picky as homeowners but in the same token they aren't wanting to pay for a premium service. Just enough to make the property sell.

      I'm sure I gave you way more info than you were looking for and most you probably already knew or assumed but I hope it helped. It has worked for me as I have turned over all of my residential customers to friendly competitors and gone full bore into the realestate side of the business. Good luck.
    5. PLS-Tx
      One more quick question about the 100RX. You mentioned you rarely see a shaft replaced but are any of these guys running them with the guards off? I want to try them but if I will need to keep the guards on I may as well get something else. Thanks
    6. PLS-Tx
      ok thanks, that's good to know. I think I will try the 100RX.
    7. PLS-Tx
      Hey, I'm wondering what you think of the Stihl FS100RX? I'm thinking going with it or FS90. I like the weight and power of the 100RX but I'm concerned about the hollow shaft and I think it has a smaller gear box. BTW, these will be dedicated trimmers, no attachments and we do take the guards off. Thanks
    8. PLS-Tx
      I looked at them today at the dealer I saw one with FX and one FH. Thanks for the info, I would have never known to look for the difference. They had a great price on a 61" with a 30hp Vangaurd Big Block, so I got it, we really like it. I may get a 52" when I buy our next one, after I sell our two Dixie Choppers. If I do go with the 52" I will be sure to get the FH Kawi. Thanks again, Pat
    9. PLS-Tx
      How would I know if it's an FH or FX? I'm guessing it is the FH model, I have had several dealers say they sell a lot of mowers with the Kawi engine with no problems, but I know they are salesmen. I will try to find out for sure witch one it is before I make a purchase. Thanks
    10. snapper72'
      Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it. It doesn't sound like I would have any issues, I already follow almost all of your recommendations. I run 93 or 91 octane with either echo or stihl synthetic oil at 50:1, I never run without the guards, and keep the fuel fresh. I have actually recently found a station that sells gas with no ethonal and before that I was using stabil. I have a shindaiwa C4 edger and shindaiwa recommends strict maintenance of the air filter, kind of like a lot of mower engines. Thanks again for the insight, and the benefit of your experience. By the way, that is pretty neat how you were able to build a BR600 out of several junked units. I love working on these little engines and that sounds like a great project. I am hoping to demo the BR550 and one of the 4mix trimmers this weekend.
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