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Apr 7, 2013
    1. americanlawn
      Hi buddy -- $10 per K is way too high.

      Our 2011 costs so far: 17-0-0 (XCU) w/0.38 Barricade = less than $14 per bag. We'll apply it at 4 lbs/1000 sq ft. The other product we bought so far is 21-0-5 XCU w/Merit -- about $21 per bag. We'll apply it at 4 lbs/1000 sq ft.

      Not sure what our other ferts will cost yet -- I'll order it before we start round 2. We mainly buy our fert products from Agrium & Zimco. Our Agrium rep is Jeff -- he can help you with pricing nomatter where you are. c: (515) 201-4718. Doesn't matter if you purchase full pallets or not. Same with Zimco -- our rep is Jim. I don't have his number in front of me, but Zimco is based in Sioux City, IA. Both Zimco & Agrium service most of the USA.

      Feel free to email or call me anytime. I'm in Des Moines, IA. Not sure where you are.
      w: (515) 289-1000
      c: (515) 559-3854

      Another member that gets great pricing is rcreech. He's in Ohio. Good guy.

      NOTE: My prices are for full truckloads (22 ton per semi), but I sell to several guys here -- but I bump the price up about $2.00 per bag (handling & storage).

      Take care, Larry :waving:
    2. rhyan6
      I try to get around 7-8 dollars a worm, I put out more than usual but i dont have to back as much. I go back to check and they are usually gone. hope that helps.
    3. FdLLawnMan
    4. americanlawn
      18-0-5 40% XCU w/Evade about $16/bag
      21-0-5 w/Merit 25% about $25/bag
      32-0-5 25% about $15/bag
      44-0-0 25% about $15/bag

      These are truckload prices (22 ton per truck), delivered, and they all seem to offer nice color for 8 weeks and longer.

      We go through about 8 truckloads per year.

      Hope this helps. Larry
    5. americanlawn
      Yep, We buy most of our products from Agrium. Sometimes from Zimco out of Sioux City (both have great prices on fert & everything else). I don't care for the fert that's supposed to last all year -- Maybe I'm old-school, but I don't trust it.

      We're located in Des Moines, IA. Zimco & Agrium get their fert from different manufacturers, but usually from EC Grow out of Eau Claire, WI. Our fert always has some slow-release in it. Agrium calls theirs "XCU", and Zimco calls theirs "PPSCU". Both are the same thing.

      Take care, Larry
    6. olcllc
      Give me a call and I will be happy to discuss any questions you have about the 12 acre property you're bidding.

    7. 1Buckeye
      That sounds like a great deal. The best I have seen around here is $9750 for the 60" 29hp Kaw.
    8. greenstar lawn
    9. TrimmerAssist
      Just want you to be informed that I am offering a deal to LawnSite members only. A $5.00 discount on regular price of $19.95. This is for the Trimmer Assist, which is a new invention that is not a Trimmer Strap, nor is it a Harness. It is a new device that makes the weed trimmer seem weightless. Ive created this link esspecially for LawnSite members. Just copy and paste in your browser or click on the link.
    10. superintendent
      I'm at 35 psi I have the .50 nozzle and at 35 it's putting out right at .50 gallons per 1000's
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