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Jul 19, 2015
Jul 2, 2008
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Jul 19, 2015
    1. mikes1
      what would you like to trade for the tank? i have a jd9 and green gun if u want
    2. andy'slawncare
      I had around $3,000 into the sprayer. I only use the tanks for lawn applications so only use one hose reel. You had might need two hose reels.
    3. Graveslawncare
      Hey man, hope your season is going well so far. As far as irrigation goes, Ewing has been my best support group/place to learn. I have taken a couple of classes there, and made friends with the staff. But that was just recently. Up to that point, I just read, read, read. I started at www.irrigationtutorials.com. Jess Stryker is good, you have to take some of what he says with a grain of salt, but I read through that entire thing several times to learn the jest of it. I also spent a lot of time on the irrigation forums on this site. They guys on there are kertankerous, but they know more about irrigation than I will probably learn in the next decade or two. I hope this helps you get started. I have put in my study time and now I'm just waiting to land the first system. Thought I had one for sure this spring but the customer bailed on me at the last minute. So right now I have a ton of head knowledge, and some design experience, but I need experience in the field.

      Sorry to hear about the eye centers. That junk happens unfortunately. I put in bids on almost $70k worth of commercial work over the winter and none of it came through for me. Just keep on keepin' on, that's all we can do, you know? Just hammer on quality, and if you get a chance to plow the lots, amaze them. That's what gets you long term accounts. Low-balling to land an account usually only guarantees you a season....or less. For example, I did a small retaining wall for a customer last month. They wanted to spend about $1200, but it just wasn't going to happen for that price, and he was hesitant to spend even that much on such a "small" wall, but he hired me to do it. I educated him through the process, and he began to appreciate it a lot more as I demonstrated the quality, skill, and materials that were going into the product he was buying from us. When it was done, he was absolutely tickled pink, and so was his wife. Here is the thing though, it ended up costing him $1700, which was $500 over the MAX he wanted to spend at the beginning- and he was HAPPY to write the check! He went around telling everyone and within a few hours of finishing the wall, I had somebody else wanting a quote. Anyways, sorry for the novel lol, but there's your encouraging story for the day :)

      Good luck with everything! I hope I helped you a little.
    4. carguyrob
      really? i'm unfamiliar. so they would otherwise be illegals i assume?? i'd have to learn spanish hahaha. do you just pay them whatever you see fit?
    5. carguyrob
      whats h2b?
    6. carguyrob
      good help is soooooooooooooo hard to find. i've got a couple guys doing some landscape work for me who work really hard, but it took me years to find anyone worth anything. of course one of my current guys just backed my trailer into my truck last week.......
    7. carguyrob
      i've thought about it, it says its not recommended though with the diesel...heavy. i also mostly plow residential so I like the maneuverability of the smaller truck.
    8. carguyrob
      Yeah, the performance stuff is $$ but so hard to resist. I put a Banks kit on mine, really makes a big difference. I got a killer deal on the dually, and just wanted a dually. I already had the 3/4 ton and I wanted to get a bigger truck that could tow anything (I also tow some car trailers). This year I added the Z-cat rider and an aerator. I think next in line would probably be another plow truck. I'm thinking of swapping out my 48" walk behind for a tiger cub, but we'll see.
    9. carguyrob
      Sounds badass. Go with the lightest plow you can get would be my recommendation, with the IFS I know the front ends are somewhat maxed out just with the big DMax up there. I actually started mowing when I was an early teenager and got to expanding when I was 16 and could actually drive to accounts. Sounds like you're doing great at 17 already with a really nice truck. Done any mods to the motor yet?
    10. carguyrob
      my 3500 is a dually. I don't have any recent pics, I'll try and take some in the next few days or so. What year/model duramax did you get?
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