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Jun 26, 2016
Feb 10, 2003
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Feb 10, 1958 (Age: 58)
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Mount Airy, NC aka Mayberry

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LawnSite Silver Member, 58, from Mount Airy, NC aka Mayberry

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Jun 26, 2016
    1. Mickhippy
      I was thinking about how we could close the gap between baffle and blades. There are just a few bolts holding the baffle there so what if you got a few longer bolts and used some washers as spacers between the baffle and deck? Does that make sense? Would still have a gap at the top of the baffle so maybe wouldnt work until it got full of dirt etc. Worse comes to worse it wouldnt be to difficult to weld a bit of plate on the front baffle to close that gap to the top of deck.

      Had a few drinks, just thinking out loud!
    2. Mickhippy
      I tried a baffle that goes across the front of the deck. i.e., close the gap between blade and deck. It basically choked the deck up on my lawn cutting bugger all off. It didnt work for me but if just taking the top off then, maybe?
      Im pretty sure it was a baffle off a bagging system. I really wish I had of taken some pics of it when I had a chance.

      My problem isnt what comes off the front of the deck, its what gets thrown back towards the rear of the chute. Im on my 5th turbo baffle now and they work to a point. What comes off the top of the deck hits the baffle and gets dispersed. Trouble is the blades send stuff basically straight back to the angled piece at the back of the chute, it gets caught, builds up and drops to the ground.
      Watch this vid between 30 and 45 secs or so. Watch it full screen HD. You may even be able to slow it down in settings. It shows what Ive said all along!
    3. danddia
      It won't let me pm you just says something about not authorized
    4. dart3438
      Can you send me the pdf for the PEERLESS 700-070 transmission?
    5. Robert Pruitt
      Robert Pruitt
      thelma lu robbed!! what next?
    6. Robert Pruitt
      Robert Pruitt
      i am right at the winston-salem and walkertown line. several years ago i would get up a order for my wife's work. it's funny how a lot of them had never herd of the snappy sandwich. it was love at first bite. i would always order myself a extra one, letting if sit in the fridge over nite to let it soak up the juices. what's up with c a f e ?

    7. ktackett
      Hello, just wondering what blades do you run on your Tanks? I have a M60 and I have trouble with grass building up under the deck, do you clean the decks often? I have tried Fluid Film and Pam, helps a little but not much. Any ideas would help.

      Thanks, Ken
    8. bozymower
      Man where did you find the pic of nobama?
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    Feb 10, 1958 (Age: 58)
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    Mount Airy, NC aka Mayberry
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    Remembering all my departed friends.

    NObama '08
    NoMoreObama '12
    Well, I hope everyone is happy now.