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Jan 6, 2015
    1. dhenderson21
      I purchased a left over Toro Grandstand last year and have been having nothing but problems since. Its a 2009 MD# 74558 and it had 3 hours on the unit and was sold as a new mower. Within 2 weeks it blew a hydro hose which cost me over a week in the shop and countless down time. Not to mention, stranded on a hill side.... Earlier this month the deck became twice as heavy to lift and the belt covers keep popping off. Now the engine is tapping so loud i'm afraid that it soon might fail too! All service is up to date and the mower just broke 100 hrs on the meter. The local dealer has been no help and has no concern of my problems and what the repercussions have been to my small business. I'm very disappointed in this what could be the best mower on my trailer!
    2. TigerPaw4020
      Help. I am trying to adjust the tracking on my Toro Timecutter SS5060 and I can't find it in the operators manual. Am I just missing it or did you really leave that out?

      I have looked for a service manual, bit so far haven't found one yet.

      Anny assistance would be appreciated.
    3. BryanofR&P
      Toro company,
      I own 2009 GS 19hp/48" deck 830 hours, just had mower almost die on me. Started to bog down/lose power. Changed fuel filter and ran fine while I mowed my yard (35 min). Went to mow a customers yard and after 45 min of mowing same thing happens again. Took plugs out and one is wet other is dry. Some say it's the ignition coil?? Any help would be appreciated.
    4. grobinsonpa
      Twice I have attempted to post a message on your forum concerning a problem I am having with my Z Master. The message has not shown up and I have not received a reply. Can I ask the question through a PM ? Thanks, George Robinson in Downingtown, PA
    5. Rick13
      Hi Toro Company,
      I've tried twice to post to your Toro Forum, but my question won't post. So here it is:

      Toro/ExMark's Riding 30" Aerator has a front hitch for future attachments. Do you know what attachments you will be making?
      How soon before the dealers will receive these future attachments?
      Do you know the price for the attachments?
      Do you need someone to try them out in the field?


    6. Liberty mower
      Liberty mower
      I need help. I have a new 2011 Grandstand 24/52 model 74549
      I need the part number for the front weight kit shown as an accessory on toros web site. It shows a kit with 2x 60lb weights. My dealer is only able to find a 16lb weight.

    7. Blades-Buggies
      Groundsmaster 4000D... Kubota 4cyl Turbo Diesel... I can't seem to find a head gasket for it? can you help?
    8. jlstock
      I have an older Groundsmaster 62 and I can not find a manual. This is a pretty decent mower. Has a newer Onan or Kohler 725CC engine. I can send pics via email.
      The Data plate under the seat has Model 30790, serial no 40759.
      I need to know where the hydrolic fluid reservoir is and what type I should use. The mower seems to go faster in reverse. I will be looking for a snow blower attachment also. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
      Feel free to email me
    9. Dave Holl
      Dave Holl
      I'm looking for an in-cap gas gauge for my Z500 74296. Dealer says none are available, but Kelch mfg, the supplier of Toro caps has one on their website, but will not sell to an individual. Can you help me locate a gas gauge for my Z500?
    10. The Toro Company
      The Toro Company
      I will forward this on to get you an answer.
      The Toro Company
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