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    1. yardguy plus
      yardguy plus
      all I can say is whatever works for you I guess. in the 8 years I've been in business I haven't lost a single client except the few I fired for late or no payment. I also have a buddy who's been in the business 20+ years and has 9 guys that work for him. neither one of us stops work on a property to answer the phone. in fact we both only take phone calls and return phone calls mon thru fri 8am to 5pm. you leave a message and get a call back if during business hours. otherwise leave a message and get a return call the next business day. our properties are "perfect". but again whatever works for you. I don't even keep my phone on me. it stays in the truck.
    2. TJLinc
      From someone who is running one of the most respected landscape businesses in the piedmont of North Carolina, from my customers and other landscapers, and someone who has grown from a 2 man operation and 200k gross in 2009 to 14 men and well over 1 million already this year. If you don't take care of your customers you'll continue to wonder why everyone around you is so much busier or growing so much faster than you are. I always have a man who is my next potential crew leader on the crew that I take out. That way it doesn't affect the job if I do get taken away on an extended call. My customers don't mind one bit because they know that if I were at someone else's property they would get the same respect. And you know what the #1 question I get from other landscapers is? "How do you keep every single one of your properties so perfect?" Its because I am always there for my customers or crew leaders who have a question about a job site or property.
    3. yardguy plus
      yardguy plus
      let them call until they find someone to answer. the 1 thing I will NEVER do is stop my work on a current clients property to take a phone call. my current clients ALWAYS come before potentials. you'd never get anything done if you always stopped working to answer the phone. besides that I have a pet peeve for ANYONE, business, friends or family, no message no call back.
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