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Jul 16, 2016
    1. organicslawn
      Hey Tom,

      As always, thank you for all of the info that you put out there in the public realm! I'm not too far from you in the Portland Maine area, and was wondering if you guys ever did permeable pavers in the winter? I'm thinking that as long as we can excavate, we should be able to install. Just curious if you have any experience in this.

    2. jca57jd
      Hey Tom,
      Im in need of your opinion! I'm about to buy a e50 or e55.... The e50 specs out better o. Everything but digging depth. I'm in the landscaping, grading, hard scraping, clearing, septic tank, and erosion control buisness... I do lift a lot of heavy boulders up but I Also need good digging depth. Zero tail swing would be nice but it is not that important. Which machine do you think I should buy? I am going to get the power tilt like you as well. It just seems like the e55 should be able to lift the same as the 50 since it has more counter weight?! Many thanks for your opinion!
    3. EH909
      Hi Tom,
      Just had a question about your topcon level that you did a youtube vid showing how to set up a slope. Does the magnetic reciever work with any topcon laser level or do you have to order one specific to the model of the laser? Thanks Erik
    4. Clarkscape
      Is your father going to be instructing the new residental ICPI coarse?
    5. ma71t
      Hey Tom,
      I believe I met you a couple years back on a job over on Heritage Hill Rd in windham...... At any rate, i saw your pics of the boulder wall and wanted to let you know that if you guys ever need any help with that stuff or want to sub the work to me or whatever id be more than willing to talk. My name is Adam and i own Colonial Stoneworks LLC, feel free to check out my website at, all i do is stone. No brick no block just stone so im not really even a competitor, more of a niche guy. Anyway, lmk your thoughts.

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