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Jul 17, 2016
May 10, 2008
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Jul 17, 2016
    1. dajerm119
      Hey there, I am new here and needing to know if anyone else has this problem. BUUUT I don't know how to start a new thread. Anyway I saw you on this Ferris Evo thread and thought i'd give you a shot. I have a 2012 Evo 36", its only a couple years old and I recently went trough two deck deck drive belts less than 4 months apart. as I'm sure you know these things are 30 a pop so not cheap! Is this an issue others have? Is there a fix? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
      1. TPendagast
        It's not a problem I'm aware of
        I have a 36" of the same year
        Ate your spindles greased? Deck build up?
        Something is causing undo resistance or strain somewhere
        Mar 9, 2016
    2. zachj265
      I came across one of your posts pertaining to using Pro Landscape via parallels on a MacBook. I just purchased and installed Pro Landscape and am using it the same way as you. Do you find the screen size inadequate on the MacBook for running Pro Landscape? There must be a better way whether that means adding a Thunderbolt Display to the Mac or purchasing a windows based desktop. Please fill me in on what you have found to be the most user friendly set up for designing with Pro Landscape.

      So far I'm producing much better designs on Pro Landscape contractor on IPad than Pro Landscape on MacBook via parallels, so I must be missing something.

      Thanks in advance.
    3. Goderich Landscaping
      Goderich Landscaping
      How are you I noticed in one of your posts you cut without a trailer? Are you running zero turns in the back of your pickup?
    4. exmark1
      I would look at any potential honestly the whole package I would think would be $400k range, still looking into numbers of how to best sell it out
    5. Summit Grounds
      Summit Grounds
      Hey T. I saw a recent post you had made about raising prices. The part that struck me was you used to work for Brickman. For how long and how did you "get out"?
    6. JohnnyRocker
      Hey man, I just wanted to apologize for being dick before.
    7. KristinStephan
      Yes freight to Alaska is not cheap:/ What is the local product? Our products are definitely competitively priced. The best way to save on freight is a truckload. If you're interested in an actual quote or to discuss more details on any of our products please give us a call 651-433-4628 or email info@kageinnovation.com
    8. KristinStephan
      Just had to drop by and say thanks for the encouraging words about Kage products! I saw you are from Wasilla AK. I lived in AK for 10 years and have a brother who still lives in Wasilla. Now we just need to get some Kage products up there. They're in Fairbanks but nothing in Wasilla as of yet:)

      Thanks Again!
    9. TPendagast
      ok thanks.
      Dudes will just post away to it like pavlovs dog….
    10. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      well, we do not have a specific filter, so to speak, for homeowners that would prevent them form doing so...yes, we have the sticky asking that homeowners go directly to the homeowner forum, however, as you have seen, some do not read that thread. for now, if you happen to see such a thread/post, you can report the thread or contact me directly and we will move to the appropriate forum

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