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Apr 12, 2005
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Oct 5, 1962 (Age: 53)
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LawnSite Bronze Member, 53, from NE Texas

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Feb 11, 2013
    1. irrig8r
      That was a Hohner Special 20... I've converted most of mine with Turbolids, ( but I also have about a dozen Lee Oskars... Meanwhile, roots music, from my point of view is blues, country, bluegrass, and other sounds which got picked up and elements blended together to make rock and roll.
    2. TPnTX
      I will. I may be out in your area next week. Don't know for sure yet.
    3. NorthTXlawnguy
      Hey TP, thanks for the welcome. Let me know if you want to have some coffee or a beer over the winter. I am trying to find some like minded friends in the area as well!
    4. lawnjox
      hey guy I am 38 6' weighing in at a healthy 237lb! It is changing. How was business this year? Of by the way my name is Mel talk later
    5. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      I changed that for you
    6. charliez26
      it wasnt like that **** boy ! so keep the words to a min! i posted something and they deleted everything only one was showing tits so if its name calling grow up!
      I'm in Richardson. I've actually sold my irrigation repair business and will be moving to Montana in 6 months. I went to RL Turner 72-75 so I know Carrollton well.
    8. TXNSLighting
      Well hey back! Yeh its been quite slow around here. I just did a demo for the first time in 2 months thursday...sad. Been doin a few little landscape projects that are keeping me busy. Would like a big one to hit the horizon, but id rather have a big lighting job.

      Ill definately spread the word! Sounds like a fun little biz there. Can you send me some pics of your stuff?
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    Oct 5, 1962 (Age: 53)
    Home Page:
    NE Texas
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    After 20 years in IT decided to start doing my own thing. I have three good friends that are in Landscape. With their help I began landscaping. I also do ornmental steel fences and gates.

    I play guitar, harmonica, some keyboards & sing a little. I got a 4x4 atv and a couple of horses. I live on 14 arces so that takes up a lot of time when I'm not working. I'm not much into sports but I am a Cowboy fan of course.


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