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    1. SangerLawn
      I am posting this here because so many people replied to your post about killing lawns. I hope you don’t mind. I am also going to post it in the forum for others as well. Up till this year all I ever ran was xmarks. I love them!!! This year I am trying a Great Dane but think I still prefer my xmarks.

      The last thing I would look at is dull blades. Yes blades are important however they will not cause dead spots in the lawn. Instead they will just lay the grass over instead of cutting it.

      Check your spindles and make sure they have grease and are not going bad. If they are bad or have no grease they will get extremely hot and kill the lawn. I have actually seen a spindle get so hot it welded the mower blade to the bolt. Next, check for leaking fuel. Xmarks seem to have a problem with gas caps. Try and replace them at least once a year and never fill the fuel all the way to the top.

      Next take a tape measure and measure the distance from the ground to the sharp edge of your mower blade. If you have the deck set to mow at 4 inches you should have a 4 inch clearance from the ground to the bottom of your blade. Make sure to do this while your tires are at full pressure and parked on a flat piece of concrete or asphalt. Also check all of your anti scalping wheel. They all need to be set at the same hight along with the chains that hold you deck.

      The reason for the measurement is this. If you think you are mowing at 4 inches but your deck is way off you may actually be mowing at 2 or 3 inches. This will create scalping. Scalping will cause dead spots and make the lawn die. This will produce weeds and brown spots.

      If all of the above check out ok, go buy you some Lysol spray. Lysol kills most diseases and bacteria but is safe on grass. Spray down your entire mowing deck and anywhere else you can spray it that will not cause a fire hazard. Let it dry then do it again. Once dry the second time try mowing again. You may have mowed a lawn with a disease like brown patch or dollar spot and you are spreading it from lawn to lawn.
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