Jan 8, 2007
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    1. txgrassguy
      Smtty, I am out of the turf business thanks to a divorce and irs audit - combined I lost a little over $1.2 million. Any who, the easiest way to determine turf resiliency is count the plant tiller and extent of chlorophyll production. A good rule of thumb is 3 + shoots with the base at least more green than dormant brown means at worst green up will be delayed by maybe two weeks as long as root zone temperature is around 60 degrees F.
      If it was me, I'd aggressively hollow core aerify in two directions, in an X pattern. Then topdress with a 70 / 30 mix of uniform sand and organic matter. If it is available incorporate granular chelated iron. If not than spray at the highest level label rate.

      The topdress should cover at least 75% of the turf.
      Avoid rolling at all costs! All this does is damage the cellular structure causing massive carbohydrate loss meaning green delayed by months and considerable turf density loss.
    2. smittyfied
      Hey TXGrassGuy,

      Not sure if you are active on here anymore but thought I'd ask you. I'm dealing with a new construction home, Bermuda hybrid sod installed right about 10 months ago and client is wanting it rolled to smooth out. Due to some typical undulation with a new sod install, the mower bottoms out and causes uneven cuts and in several areas causing eye sores. I'm recommending a top dressing then roll to prevent damaging the root system. Do you think it would be wise to wait one more growing season before doing this or think it would be OK this early in the lawn's life?
    3. Sprinkus
      Hey tx, I am looking to buy a walk behind reel mower for the property that I work at and noticed that the R&R reel mowers look a lot like the Jacobsen's reel mowers. Do you have any experience with the R&R reel mowers and do you think that they would be a worthwhile investment? I also have a line on a used JD 260B. Thanks.
    4. zg48731
      Hey txgrassguy you wouldnt be in near the Corpus Christi area?
    5. LawnScapers of Dayton
      LawnScapers of Dayton
      The BG debris loader weighs in the neighborhood of 300lbs with everything. It could all be packed on one pallet for shipping....I got a quote of around $450 for shipping to california
    6. raydc
      I read your post from 2007 (thanks) on some newer rotary mowers being as good as reel mowers for Zoysia and I am interested in more information.
      I am a home owner with flat lot. few trees 5000 sq ft emerald zoysia. As i get older I find that my Trimmer reel mower is just getting to harder to manage plus annual reel sharpening/maint runs $250 plus pick up/delivery. My lawn looks fabulous but I dont enjoy the process. I looked at the best Honda dual blade mower at a good dealer and he was honest in saying that it would leave swirl marks in Zoysia during the peak mowing season. I tried to Google I-Stripe mowers and got a website but no dealer list and a phone number that is Ariens in Wisconsin.
      Does the I-stripe leave swirl marks? It is markedly better than Honda? Do you know of a dealer network. Any other brands you would recommend?
      Many thanks and best regards
      Absolutely not. I'm thinking you can purchase a sensor separate but at least you can see what it does at the controller.
      Found the watertec sensor.
      Well sort of. I found the unit that attaches at the controller. Must have left the sensor buried in my old house yard. Do you want it? Be happy to mail it to you otherwise it hits the trash can.
    9. Agape
      would like info on a company employee packet if you have the time
    10. Fine Gardens Landscaping
      Fine Gardens Landscaping
      "have targeted a specific niche and with just one guy and myself am netting what I did at my peak. All the while working less hours with a greater profit margin"

      Congratz on finding something that works really well for you. I'm curious what the niche you found was? Would you mind elaborating a little bit :)
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