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Sep 17, 2015
Feb 24, 2007
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LawnSite Fanatic, from DFW, TX

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Sep 17, 2015
    1. Grounds Master
      Grounds Master
      I saw that you recently posted you are looking for someone in the houston area to sub some work for apartments. Id like some information on that.
    2. brandon9996
      I hope you hear some good news cuz that is definitely the business to be in for sure! It seems like around here anyways. Yeah my whole family are crop farmers so I guess it runs in my blood, I guess I like working hard lol. Whats new with the trucks what you driving now??
    3. brandon9996
      Hey man not a lot but working and working! Yeah I haven't been on here in a while either i couldn't remember my password to log in haha. I'm not in the mowing business much anymore I still got most of my equipment but I only got 4 yards I'm mowing and they are all family members so I dont think that counts lol. Been farming pretty much full time since this is starting out as a rough year up here. How's things going down your way?
    4. brandon9996
      Hey what's up man it's been a while. everything going alright?
    5. OrangeToys
      Do you have any other pics of it?
    6. OrangeToys
      nice chevy in your signature!
    7. LALawnboy
      I got a question for you about your Echo trimmer: does the engine housing heat up enough to burn your arm while trimming? I just picked up a 230 because of the lightweight. I love the trimmer but it does seem to get hotter than normal at the housing.
    8. E.L.Co
      even with pre dpf diesels? so no straight pipes for anyone, hmmm i know a guy that will just sell me an inspection sticker, he wont notice lol same guy that can put my dpf back on for warranty work
    9. E.L.Co
      yah for the company, they dont need straight pipes and programmers lol might roll my trailer...i want a new duramax, but id take off dpf and program it. who knows these days where diesels are headed
    10. E.L.Co
      i hate the cheesy body paneling on my new body style, couple electrical and ac problems, i had to rent a 2008 psd when i wrecked my chevy and i fell in luv i didnt want to give it back and it was only a work truck edition lol but one things for sure next truck needs to be a diesel, but the new ones have that f-ing dpf filter which id take off
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    Im me. My only interest in life right now is lighting. I have a very strong passion for it, and cant believe i get paid to do it!

    Lighting, Fishing, Diesels



    Always a lesson, never a failure.