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Watson's Landscaping
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May 16, 2014
Jan 21, 2007
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Watson's Landscaping

LawnSite Senior Member, from Chesterfield, Michigan

Watson's Landscaping was last seen:
May 16, 2014
    1. greenstar lawn
      greenstar lawn
      actually i am at 15 and groesbeck i think. I cut the two buildings right next to the burger king at 15 and groesbeck. Yeah please call me tomorrow about the shirts Thanks
    2. greenstar lawn
      greenstar lawn
      Yeah i will let you know about that job i havent heard anything yet so we will see. I was thinking of ordering like 6 shirts and a couple hoodies. Where about on 13 mile? I do some industrial places at 13 and groesbeck
    3. greenstar lawn
      greenstar lawn
      Hey Will who did your shirts o would like to get some made up. How many did you get? how much?
    4. greenstar lawn
      greenstar lawn
      Thanks Will for the help. I am not sure she said that it was between me and another guy. She also said that i was a bit higher then the other guy but she said that could not be a bad thing. It for sure is a big job quoted them out about $20,000 for lawn care for the season and $500.00 a push for the winter. I have not heard back from her yet but the meeting i think was on Friday. So i am keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully i will land the job.
    5. greenstar lawn
      greenstar lawn
      How did you go about charging mac rays? I am putting a bid on do yearly maintenance on a sub. Which includes snow removal which it has over 250+ houses throughout the sub. Pretty much is similar to the layout of northpointe with all them cross roads and side streets. I am giving them the bid tomorrow so if you can give me any advice before then i would appreciate it. Thanks
    6. Watson's Landscaping
      Watson's Landscaping
      I'm on the maintencen side of the harbor we but the boats in and take them out and the rest of the year we do every thing else. its been a good place to me they've show me alot of neat things.. Learned to weld and touch and do all kinds of pluming not to mention the sprinkler system there, yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but they've been looking to me more and more for there landscaping needs so this year I'm hoping the only thing they hire out is the lawn care and hire me to do every thing else for the grounds
    7. greenstar lawn
      greenstar lawn
      yeah i love cutting from sun up to sun down especially on the water side. It is tough to leave a job that you committed so much to. What do you do over at mac rays?
    8. Watson's Landscaping
      Watson's Landscaping
      one day HA HA it would be a great help to have a day off from mac ray to cut for 8 hours but I'd still have to cut after work at least 2 more days till dark. right now i'm cutting monday through friday till dark, it's F'n great!!!!!!!!!!
    9. greenstar lawn
      greenstar lawn
      I hear what you mean about a safety blanket i worked at the crews inn for about 7 years and i finally had to let them go beginning of last summer. But it was worth it would rather work outdoors then deal with drunks. You can cut all your lawns in 1 day?
    10. Watson's Landscaping
      Watson's Landscaping
      I want to quit mac rays but that safety blanket is hard to let go of, full benifites, paid vacation, and there pretty easy going to the hours. Think'n that I'm going to start taking two half days or one whole day every week this year so I have more time to cut
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    Chesterfield, Michigan
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    Watson's Landscaping, INC.
    2008 Ford F-350 Supercab Long Box
    2010 Enclosed 8.5x20 Trailer
    And everything else that goes along with a lawn and landscape operation:weightlifter: