Mar 22, 2005
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metro NYC

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LawnSite Fanatic, from metro NYC

    1. dKoester
      I took a political test and after completing the questions I registered 2.75 clicks to the left and almost center. Have you taken any such test?
    2. Sprinkler Buddy
      Sprinkler Buddy
      I also see that the positive comments about the Sprinkler Buddy have also been removed. That's just wrong!
    3. Sprinkler Buddy
      Sprinkler Buddy
      I see my comments about the Sprinkler Buddy have been deleted by the forum or you. A little one sided now don't you think. My product will continue to gain popularity, many that have purchased have come back and reordered. Sorry that you feel threatened by my product, I've noticed you have made negative comments on other forums as well about my product, if your the same Wet Boots and I suspect you are. I guess that's just your Character. I'm not the one that brought my product to this forum, you did! I should be allowed to share my thoughts and the review from a well known expert. No worry, the truth always comes out in the end. Good day! :-)
    4. jflawnguy
      Hey btw Just because Im in alabama doesn't mean im a alabama football fan. Is that all that matters to you? Must make you a giants fan? or a mets fan? come on dude get real. you are pathetic.
    5. PerfiCut L&L
      PerfiCut L&L
      I am new to irrigation systems and need some help. It seems most people on here just want to slam a guy who doesnt know about something, so I thought I would ask you directly.

      I've done a number of systems over the past two years now and am running into my first low pressure job. If you would be intersted in helping I could use the advice of a veteran.

      Rob Weiss
    6. fkmcja
      Hi Wet_Boots, do you still have your Imperial Valet controller? I need a replacement..I'm a consumer scrounging for parts because I think this is a terrific irrigation system that is simple and easy to operate and made of real parts.
    7. julz6769
      Hi, you seem to know a bit about this type of water source, have you drawn off of a river before?
    8. CAPT Stream Rotar
      CAPT Stream Rotar
      hello guy..

      we should start our Own board....
      this place has to much moderation.
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