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    1. TenderCareLawnService
      I read a post about it. Then I went to it. I am actually in the process know of getting mine done by a professional, so I know exactly what your talking about. :-)
    2. TenderCareLawnService
      Very nice website! I like it. Very professional.
    3. coryweber
      are you intersted in that gravely yet?
    4. Ijustwantausername
      It definitely brings visitors to my site. I usually have a few calls a week in the winter, sometimes none, just all depends. I will tell you though, the first day in March I'm going to bump my budget up to about $25/day, and probably even more the first expected 80 degree day. Its something I would consider.
    5. JContracting
      I did about 750 of 1000 this fall for fall services (blowouts, aeration, clean ups, & dethatching were featured on it) and got nothing on them, I handed them out late sept/early oct and it was a total waste of money. Really wish I could have that $350 back, idk if it was too early or what, everyone has to have their system blown out or they're screwed. I did some in the spring (only got about 800 out at max because I didn't get them til May) but I got 2 customers off them, one weekly and one bi-weekly.
    6. johndeereguy
      I'd love to say that I did! No, I had someone do it for me.
    7. djagusch
      With the height being taller it took alot longer so the bill increased. I still do the same lots 3 times a year. First cut went well 12 hrs billed $600, 2nd time only a month later but wet in between it took 14hrs so I billed $700. In some areas I double cut as some grass/weeds laid over.

      I'm using a 2002 Turf Tiger, If I was using my new one I would charge differently per hour as I don't want to tweak the deck. Older one has been before but still is useable. $50/hr when your burning 1.3gal/hr, labor cost is under $18 (with taxes/work comp), mower is over it's useable life, no moving of the truck, is pretty profitable IMO. If I do it myself it's 600 plus for the day and $50 in gas, use crap blades, not a bad day.

      So to answer the orignal question I just charge the $50/hr and it takes longer so it compensates for the height. What I did was to get them mowing 3 times per year so the worse is 3ft tall I've seen since, but I also knew where most obsticales were in the lots which makes it easier.

      First time out I hit a power box right in front of me because I couldn't see it, it was pretty bad. Cut at the highest level first time through.
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