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Oct 11, 2011
May 25, 2009
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LawnSite Silver Member, from southern middle tennessee

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Oct 11, 2011
    1. Big Money
      Big Money
      I am in the process of gathering as much information as possible so I will be prepared when I start my part time lawncare business next spring. If all goes according to plan, I will have 12-15 residential customers here in the Hershey PA area. I do not want to rush anything and don't see myself doing commercial accounts until the 2nd year of business. My start up capitol is 10k with which I need to get a used trailer, used truck and a used 48" and 36" mowers. At least that was the plan until I saw you posts regarding the Bradley mowers. For the cost of a used Exmark I can get a new Bradley, however I have no information on these mowers with the exception of your posts and the limited info I could find on the web. I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions? I do understand that your mowers are unique to your needs and the mowers I get will not be the same as yours, but my questions are fairly generic.
      1) Is the Bradley the same as the Red Hawk? If so, are the parts between the two interchangeable?
      2) How hard is it to get parts? I've read that it takes quite a while?
      3) The mower I'm looking at (48") comes with a 20hp Kohler motor. Will this do the trick for the amount of yards I'm looking to do in my first year?
      4) How hard is the set up? I can turn a wrench if needed, but not the most mechanically inclined person. Any one thing (other than adding oil) that I want to make sure of?
      5) How hard is it to change the height of the mower? I've read about lowering the front spacers??
      6) How is the cut? Does it leave a nice stripe?

      If you get the time, I would really appreciate a response. No need to hurry!

      Thanks again for the get info on the Bradley's,
    2. XLS
      greatly appreciated sir thanks again.
    3. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      I won't remove them all but will close most of those for you
    4. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      if you want me to remove all the threads you started then I can do that...let me know
    5. lildrestl3
      Lost Threads.. You can click on your name up in the right corner of page. Then click Stastics then threads started by you or post by you
    6. GordonwJackson
      Please send me your contact information and I will have our customer service team contact you. Gordon - GXi / BEAST
    7. mowrboy
      XLS I am from Middle TN. Where are you doing business with those kind of numbers of clients? Just starting up here in East TN.
    8. jeffslawnservice
      XLS, I just came across one of your threads about opening up new crews to handle smaller accounts with pushmowers or maybe the biggest mower being a 36''. I service several of these types of accounts. If you still need any help or advice about these type of lawns and what i use feel free to send me a message or email me at hanaganlandscaping@yahoo.com
    9. salviiip

      I have been reading a lot on small trucks such as ranger with landscape/flatbed bodies for lawn care and I came upon several of your posts here and on *********.com. I just wanted to see what setup you have so far and show you my setup as well. Please add me as a friend and also send me your e-mail address so we can chat.

    10. XLS
      i will find a invoice at the office and give it to you
      they are located local to one of our shops and they seen then and we statred buying from them . they are about 200 miles from or main office and they shiped them here for those rates they are online if you seach for them the are in smerna or shelbyville tn not certian . they also do a .01 each uggrade lik add 200 pens for x more when you order. i will get the site and get back with you tonight.
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