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Mar 27, 2015
    1. Collins6754
      sorry collins6754@yahoo.com
    2. Collins6754
      you do amazing work thank you for helping everyone out....unfortunetly i just found this site and I have seen your work and i am looking for a logo....if you cant accept my request because of the rules you have set i understand. I am willing to pay you for your time. I am in my 3rd year now and am licensed and insured with a truck and hopefully within a week or so an enclosed.

      Shamrock Landscaping LLC is the name....here in pa i believe we are required to state llc if that infact is what we are. Im located in Phoenixville PA.
      I hoping you can come up with something as good as the rest....Believe it or not i have paid someone to make a design for me and apparently the guy was a scam and came back with one result that was not anything to be amazed by.
      My email is collins6754 and your help is greatly appreciated
    3. Danscapes
      I sent you a pm about a logo, did you get it? Are you still doing them? If so I'm interested. Thanks, Dan
    4. richardcog
      hey friend will you do one for me
    5. tugglelandscaping86
      hey man i read that you make logos.. i already have one made that says. Tuggle Landscaping.. i was wondering if you could help me out and maybe change a few things around. i think i want to change my name to Tuggle Lawn and Landscaping due to the fact that some people might think i only landscape. can you please help me out and give some ideas and possibly design something professional looking. Thanks a million. by the way my name is Brandon Tuggle.
    6. richardcog
      hey can you help me with a logo
    7. lawnrx
      Sorry I forgot my e-mail address..corbett1026@charter.net
    8. lawnrx
      Hi Yamhatim, I tried to make a logo the other day and I have no idea what i am doing. If you have time I would love the help...My company name isLawn Prescriptions (prescription you a green lawn). We do turf app only, been in business for 8yrs. We are south of Atlanta GA. our colors are golden yellow and green.
    9. jsarahmac8
      Yamhatim, Man you are doing awesome work! I have read through this whole forum and I'm amazed by your work and your generosity! This is my first post too but I've been a member since '08 when I first started researching this industry. I'm finally starting my own business this spring and I'm so excited. My wife and I designed a few logos and now we look at them and laugh after seeing yours! Even our local printing shop can't compare. If you get caught up and decided to start charging a fee I would love to pay you for a design.

      We really like a circle or oval enclosed logo and we keep leaning towards green and green striping with black,gray and white lettering. Your blades of grass on the smokey mtn logo are awesome.
      McMullen Lawn Care

      Thanks for your time and talent. Feel free to email me at
    10. richardcog
      hey Tim can you make me one. You do better work than I ever seen. my name is
      Mississippi LawnMasters 601-988-7035
      thanks richard
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