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Z-master man
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Jul 20, 2016 at 9:39 PM
Nov 27, 2009
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Central Maine

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Z-master man

LawnSite Senior Member, from Central Maine

Z-master man was last seen:
Jul 20, 2016 at 9:39 PM
      Still plowing just haven't had much time to go to plowsite, getting out of landscape maintenance doing more stone work and excavation. The market here for mowing and maintenance sucks and is flooded and I am busy enough with excavation. Couple weeks I will be on Plowsite more
    2. stuntmanlogan
      There still doing great. I have 20,000 miles on them now. They still have quite a bit of tread left. Im sure ill see at least 40,000 plus out of them. They told me I would see 40 to 50 out of them. My mpg's are still the same, but I only went from a 265 to 285. Are you considering trying out the trails out at all?
    3. stuntmanlogan
      In all honesty. Hands down the best set of tires I have ever purchased. I have just about 16,000 miles on them now and they haven't showed a bit of wear. I didn't have a single problem with them in the snow either. I personally with probably always try to buy nitto's. I think I am going to give the trail's a shot next.
    4. Doug Price
      Doug Price
      Oh sorry i read that wrong, i could fit 5
    5. Doug Price
      Doug Price
      18yards is the most ive had in it and it was pretty packed
    6. Lazer Cut
      Lazer Cut
      bought few high end waxes from a shop, few buffers from a shop that went outta biz... bought all kinds of interior stuff, wheel things... spread the word that I could detail cars etc. not add clear coat lol just clean it way better than the other people you pay $30-50 to hand wash and supposid "wax"... and i detailed a few boats that the hull would knock ya eyes out from how it shined... basically did that, always had my car shining and passed the word around. avg was $100 to do it... I did do engines on some cars... but that was rare and didn't really like messing with that. any other questions lemme know.
    7. deere615
      they might ride a bit rougher but I also crank the torsion bars. they are work trucks never bothered me but I dont thinnk there is that much of a difference. there will be no difference in the back as the timbrens dont touch until a load is put on them
    8. By Us Company
      By Us Company
      Yes, I will have pricing for you tomorrow.
    9. By Us Company
      By Us Company
      Do you have all the parts? What do you need installed just wiring on the truck and push plates?
    10. By Us Company
      By Us Company
      Hey David, we are a member at plowsite.com under By"US"Snow.
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