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Jun 2, 2016
Jan 23, 2012
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Jun 2, 2016
    1. zachj265
      Thanks for the follow up. When I say design, I'm referring to taking a photo of customer's house and using image editor 2d to insert plants, mulch, grass, etc. I have a 13" MacBook Pro, so maybe I simply need a larger screen.

      I haven't really had time to mess with 3D, planner, or proposals yet as I just purchased Pro Landscape last week and have spent most of the time getting parallels and Windows installed on MacBook. Pro landscape seems very easy to use but the 13" display along with using three operating systems is very frustrating.

      Sounds like purchasing a Windows desktop might be the way to go for utilizing pro landscape vs the hassle of running it on my MacBook.
    2. TPendagast
      15" screen is fine for designs.

      Are you doing 2d plans? or are you doing image editor 3d? what specifically do you mean by design?
      Im switching back to PC because using parallels and windows and pro landscape at the same time is about the same as using thee operating systems.... bogs down the laptop too much.

      I think boot camp might have been a better way to go.
    3. Mr. Force® Billy Goat Industries
      Mr. Force® Billy Goat Industries
      Doubtful it's the cable but whatever it is we want you up and running ASAP. There's a large screw knob for manual tightening down on the discharge. Make sure that's loose. Next, see if there's possible binding between the discharge and the housing. I've seen it on the top of the black cone in the past and it leaves a shiny spot. You can oil it for a short term fix but we need to get you a new cone long term. I'll call you as well to further discuss.

    4. noblegnome
      Do you still have your trailer? I'm located in St Joe but I'm down in kc several times a month.
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    Kansas City
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    Started business in the summer of 2011. Left corporate cubicle job in 2012 to make landscaping and lawn care my full time business.


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