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May 16, 2012
    1. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      I like your trailer it is the size I plan on getting when I feel I must get a bigger one. You said in your post on your new trailer that you are going to make some racks for your hand-held's. I have made my cage for the front of mine incorporating my blower mount above my spare tire. It works so well I am able to start the blower swing it around and slip it onto my back with-out any lifting hardly at all (and vise a versa) I thought that you may want to check it out in case you might want to copy it. Here is the address of the pic thread. (I don't want any-one accusing me of hijacking your thread that is way I messaged this.) http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=271322 Chow; David
    2. ZKSLAWN
    3. ZKSLAWN
      I can try and find some i don't think i have taken any pictures in a while
    4. newjerseylandscaping
      Do you have pics of your setup?
    5. AVLC
      Not going to central anymore. I'm going to Naugatuck for business and Horticulture plan on taking over the lawn care business from my dad when he decides to retire.
    6. ZKSLAWN
      hahah Whats up man.. im staying busy workin... hows central going? what brings you to lawnsite?
    7. AVLC
      Hey Zack its Brendan. I went to CCSU CM with you. I recognized the truck hows it going.
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    Berlin, CT
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    90% Of Your Headaches Come From 10% Of Your Customers.

    2000 Ford F150
    6.5 x 10 Open Trailer
    Exmark Metro commercial 48"
    Bobcat Ransome 48"
    Husqvarna 128LD attatchment system
    Stihl BR550
    Stihl BG65
    Stihl 034AV
    8hp Little Wonder Walk Behind Blower
    8hp Leaf Loader.
    Tons of hand tools