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Insurance deductible

Regarding some of the post regarding the insurance deductible. My insurance is the norm. IE my deductibles are not high or low. They are as follows:

commerical Auto $500.00 (trailer)
Inland Marine $250.00 (Bobcat)
Comprehensive $100.00 (light pole)
Towing charge $371.00 (not covered)

Some also question why he was told not to be on the interstate, it was rush hour and from where he was coming it was quicker to take a 4 lane road back from the job site, which he was told to take. There were no other vehicles involved and the pavement was wet but not icy. I would agree that the interstate during normal driving conditions is better with a trailer but not during rush hour traffic on the interstate in down town Des Moines.
I have an email into my attorney regarding the issue if he can be charged the deductible or not, it won't matter any way since after the last snow his truck came back in with two new dents (minor) but no explanation on how they got there. So its time to cut my loss and find out if the Bobcat can be fixed or is a salvage job. Also, my drivers are paid a higher rate than the other companies that I talk to in my area. So pay and responsiblity come hand in hand and a good driver has taken a turn to the worse.
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