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Stonehenge, I lied on the 800%? It's an Example!


I for years have been trying to build a successful E-mail list at my website & no matter what I did I couldn't get more than 2 or 3 people to sign up a week max?

I tried everything, because at that rate I was getting the folks it was not working & thus not worth while sending out a Newsletter to just a few 100. I'm on AOL & to get on the White Spammers list it takes a act of God to accomplish this task. A white Spammer with them is someone like me that has a Opt in E-mail list, when you do a mass E-mail they kill your account before you send them all out. Sometimes they shut you down as as little as 25 E-mails. Then after hours on the phone, they Grant you this Title, but it's a tough title to keep. Then you can get back on line again.

So this is lot of trouble for a few hundred? After me doing it the Uneducate JawJa Redneck way for so long. I tried a different approuch.

I made a E-book & offered it for free when signing up. It has info in it off my website & a little extra. It also has my sponsors in their. A wonderful sales tool & that is what it is.

I started it Sunday before last, OK I'm now getting a average of 6 to 7 a day sign ups. This past Sunday I had 13 to sign up in less than 18 hours? So 800% is a low figure. Compairing it to 2 to 3 a week for years in the past?

This can still be applied to presentations & not a problem. Yes it wasn't quite on target but it will get the same results.

You might say no it will not, maybe? I think different if you have doubts, then do this. Say you got a lot of nice pictures Before & After you did work that alone is percieved value to folks. I buy books all the time with pictures in it with decks, pools, flower beds & etc...

Now you say it will not work, OK now that you got all that in there, put in a bunch of tips for the lawn & Garden, still not enough put stuff in there about taking care of the Equipment, not enough yet, shoot I don't know put stuff in there about Yo Grannies best Reciepies.

If you have deals worked out with other contractors in a related industry, put them in their as your recomendations & you can get referall fees there too! Have it where they call you first for other contractors. You could do it in a way where they call you first, so you know to give the contractor a heads up & to let him know you get the referall.

Just give it more value than just a presentation, let them keep it & off & on over a period of time they will look at it for 1 reason or another? It might be 6 months later & they look at it & decide to give you a call.

I think the 800% would be on the low side? Tell them to keep it for the tips or Aunt Wilmas reciepies? Later they might give it to a friend or 2 also?

How many of your competitors do this? If I was out there today doing this, I would be dressed very nice, have a nice vehicle, a portable Laptop, portable printer, yes even a fax machine. I would have it all where I could close the sale on the spot.

There is guys outhere that have nice Landscaping programs, that they can take digital Pic of house & put it in the Landscape program & have all the figures in the program, for labor & pricing of materials, etc... They can accomplish all this in little time & Print out a Professional looking bid right there on the spot. The same can be done with irrigation, lawn service, Landscaping, Swimming pools or whatever?

While they are looking at this you are walking around getting measurements & taking notes on your bid. Then when presentation is over you crunch the numbers.

If every car salesman told you that they would get back with you later, they would not be much of a salesman, would they? Prices do not change that much on materials just use a safe figure. Your Presentation will WoW them enough. Just close the sale or bid & get them to sign the dotted line.

BTW, there are killer addons for FP2K that are free, Check out Jimco addons & check out the Strictly British addon for converting you web onto a Auto Run CD?

The FP2K Newsgroup is a killer what I call Forum & these guys forgot more than MSFP2K Tech Sevice ever thought about. They are very helpful & they are on the cutting edge of the internet.

Do it all on the spot & it will work? :-)

If you like contact me & I try to help mower?

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