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when i bought the lazer last year it made the winter hard for paying for every thing. so i paid off my card and use that for biz. only till the biz can pay it off in the spring. i have found that when your "pre approved" for a biz. card its not so easy to lie and get big credit like you can for personal cards. i know a lot of people that started biz like this and it works you just have to make sure you pay for the card every month be it with discovers money or money the biz. makes. discover offers low rates on there checks till june . pay off by then and i think its well worth keeping the biz. going . and if you come across a large job that will pay well but don't have the money for mat. dadadada charge! its takes "somebodies
money" to make mone

i always wanted to change a that qoute

how do you think big biz. works and the gov.
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