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Just my thoughts only?

Hello Everybody:

I would think that you would not get much of an employee if you charged him for his mistakes. Doing this will get you below average employees & they can do serious damage to you in a short period of time.

Most people that fear going into business, is that they will make mistakes & they will have to pay up. Thus keeping a lot from being self employeed.

I do not see how he can be charged anything & if I ever did charge an employee for a mistake. I the next second would take him off my payroll forever, because they could get real mad at you & cost you far more than that wreck?

He did do wrong & I would give him the Crappiest job there is & remind him in front of others in a nice way about what he did? It worked for me? I would ask him infront of others, "Hey Johnny, Phil is fixing to go to the School, which way do you think he should go there?" If he smarts off about it in front of you say "Well no driving Johnny I'm going to buy you another shovel for you, because I think if you are here long enough you will wear that one out? Would you please shovel the drive, I can't afford to let you run any Equipment for now? If we quits you are better off & a good example for the others?

Which would you rather do drive equipment or wear out shovels?

If the guys did wrong in my Lawn Service Business & messed up, well they be pulling weeds & cleaning up after others trim bushes for a while? That works good & very effective?
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