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You need to go to school. I am 21 and have been an official LLP for a couple of years now. If your going to make it big you must have some sort of education behind you. I luckly have two very sucsessfull parents, they are both captains of industry, and as much as i learned from them i still found the need to go to Collage. Collage teaches you so much about business and how to suceede, some of it you must be born with, but some you have to learn. Its also a saftey net. Lets say (god for bid) you get injured and cant work manual labor anymore how are you going to earn a living? Your company isn't big enough yet where you can hire people to do your work for you and support yourself.

Im still in school im going part time and continue to grow my company. Do yourself a favor go take management 101, I guarentee you after you take that course you will see the need to go to school.

Landscaping is also risky there are plenty of guys on this site who make over 100K annualy but there are plenty others who have been doing it for practicly thier whole lives and they are still hovering around the poverty line.

Your goal of 200 lawns is admirable for me to make 100k a year with a partner i would need approximatly 275 lawns.
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