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200 lawn accounts requires a lot of overhead to mow. 2 trucks? 2,3 or 4 guys? how many mowers? How big are your lawns? You have 38 accounts and already need a helper? Are you in an area where people go with the low baller? Where I live, my customers pay the extra to get the service.

I myself dropped out of college to start my company. It's my 5 year. I mow 60 residential and 3 condos... by myself. I hire help to condense the mowing schedule to get side jobs in. I have my pesticide license and offer that service too. I have two kids and my wife is the "at home mom". Just remember that being self employeed can be hard at times. How will you support you and your family over the winter? Plowing? That's a whole different ball game in itself. Plowing sucks either way you look at it. Some people say "thats where the money is". To me.. I'd rather bust my butt in the summer when it's warm and make all the cash, and sit home during the blizzards and drink hot chocolate with the wifey. But... I plow. Because i have to.

My advice: Finish school. If you get hurt and can't do hard labor, then you're screwed. Make sure your wife (in the future?) has a job that provides benefits for both of you. I pay $800 a month in health insurance (sucks). Also, find your nitch (thanks Tony).. pick a service in the green industry and perfect it, be a pro. I found that i do too much, take on every job, and this increases the need for more "tools of the trade", and up goes the overhead. Stick with a few things you like, and be good at it. And as far as employees, don't hire white guys.

I don't know if my babbling and patheic story was helpful to you or complete garbage. Good luck with your decisions and grow slow!
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