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Hi, anything is always possible, but you should have as many options as possible too....I know plenty of guys who started out as you & today are in there 40's & "Burnt Out", sure they gross 6 figures, have 1 or more crews [ & equipment]2-300 weekly lawn accounts.....But you gotta have a niche, Me, I started out at 18, worked for "Lawn Doctor", than Managed a LCO for 3yrs [ At 22 w/ 6 service crews], it wasnt till I was 28till I went into Tree care, By a national company, got promoted to Sales Rep. at 30 [ but was at a severe disadvantage] compared to the guys that came from college w / degrees in "Arborculture", sure I was "Smart", learned Fast,took class's at nite, on weekends [ in Horticulture, perennials,insect / disease ID,IPM,,ect]....Now I'm 40's, considered a "Organic Specialist"by my peers, [ benificial releases, biological controls,native plantings,Arbor care/ Tree surgery, cables, rods, cavity & root care- speciality pruneing by hand / & power tools,Compost tea brewer, the works, I do it all] a part-time biz, gross the 6 figures, [ my net is my personal bizness] ....but how do I feel that my sisters kids [ after summering with me, graduate and get starting salaries of 6-digits?...."Woopie", [ & they have something to fall back on if the market crashes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]...Hope you see my point, stay in school, learn something, that little piece of paper will take you to places only "Dreamed" about by some of us other guys....Good Luck, mowing will always be around after school.
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