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Originally Posted by Todd's lawncare
I don't think you ever did respect them at all .
No i am not trying to throw gas on the fire but if any one of us new guys to this site would say i got the bid because i was 20 bucks cheaper he would be called a low-baller. You know i know and they know it . Someone said i was well two did i was a negative guy so why not . I may not know as much as any of you but yet some minors on here get more respect then a guy like myself . If you and your brothers wanna bash ill live up to the name . And any one with out new equipment is a scrub that f***ed up as long as what you got looks good it don't matter but i guess you you want respect here you have to be in the hole to start with to mean anything to any one here . Does it bother me what you and any one thinks on here NO . Take all the cheap shoots you want . But I'm not as bad as half of yous with the racism and what not .
I agree with you on the lowballing. I also agree with you on the racism. But you should watch your language and not be so cocky, look at how many threads you were a part of that are not able to be viewed now.
It is funny though, someone on here that people for some reason look up to get a government contract and they are praised, when anyone with a half a brain knows that they were the low bidder. But for some reason that isnt lowballing......... And an all black company without cheap company t-shirts, wow. Never seen any white guys dressed like that........
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