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Did I miss the post with racism in it? I'm not a racist at all, my buddy who works with me is Jamaican, my other two best friends are west indian and east indian so you won't get that from me.

Todd, I'm not attacking you I just feel you make a lot of one line comments that add nothing constructive to the threads.
Sure i do but so does 8 out of every 10 at this site do . I didn't say you were the one showing racism but it is here any you know it . For the people that wont hire a white guy i find that racist don't you ? And lately i have been a bit cocky for a number of reasons . Just like every one else does at one time or another . But some people are dead set to bring new and young people in the green Industry down time and time again . I am far from new to it and far from new to owning and operating a company by any means believe it or not .
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