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Originally Posted by lawnman_scott
Jeff i think this is what Todd and I were refering to.

Ahh ok. I'd just like to make an observation as far as "black" work crews go. I've noticed on my trips through the states a lot of the road construction and paving crews have a lot more black employees. Now if you were to look at our paving crews up here, they are all Italian, 2 or 3 generations lol out there working.

Now is there a coincidence that an all black cutting crew bids the budgeted amount with a black director......I'm sure there is some colusion going on but I would not see it as being racist.

Oh and I never bring down anyone young and starting out. I don't think someone who is 16 can really say they are in the business...up here you can't even drive a car by yourself at that age. I started young, 17 I was out cutting and aerationg lawns and I'm still at it. It would of been nice to have this site when I was 17 though, haters or not.
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