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Originally Posted by utterway landscaper
I used to work for a company that had a cub cadet comercial zero turn prob. 60 percent of the time the clutch wouldnt engage unless you were at idle then you had to rev the the throttle up for it to fully engage did has anyone elese had this prob. with cub cadets?
I have the same problem! I noticed it dosn't start doing it until I've been mowing for a while. Ever find a solution?

Do Lube EVERY moving part on everything, mower, trailer, hand tools, etc. Gibbs works good, is high quality and lasts.
Do Buy the more expensive high temp. grease, lasts longer, works better.
All oil is NOT created equal. Opinions vary, my top two: Shell Rotella T and Mystic (purple case forgot full name)
If you decide to fill that tire with fix-o-flat preapre for your local tire compnay to give you hell when they fix it right!
Do buy a measuring wheel and take time trials to fiind your prices and estimate more accurately every time.
More to come.
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