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"I used to work for a company that had a cub cadet comercial zero turn prob. 60 percent of the time the clutch wouldnt engage unless you were at idle then you had to rev the the throttle up for it to fully engage did has anyone elese had this prob. with cub cadets?"

This is usually a sign that the clutch is about worn out.

Here is the progression of the clutch wearing out (in my experience):

At first, it only has to be idled down to engage after the clutch is hot from being engaged.

Then it has to be idled down even at startup (cold).

Then it whines and screeches after it is engaged.

Then...nothing at all.

How many hours are on the clutch?

I have had a couple of Warner clutches on my Lazer Z that did the same thing before they totally went kaput.
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