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Originally Posted by marko
It seems most of the low price guys advertisements go like this:

You determine your mowing price!!!
Quality work, references, and Insured for your protection!
Mowing, aeration/power raking, seeding, mulch, bush work
snow removal, gutters cleaned, dog poop service, power washing
windows cleaned, holiday lighting, dog walking, pet sitting, brickwork,
patios, walkways, walls, garden soil turning, cleanups, cars washed
oil changes, tree work, pools cleaned, fence repair, ponds, rock work
stone work, lawn rolling, scalping, deck squaring, and deck installations. Call for a free estimate today!!!!!

He probably thought since you mowed, you also did deck work.
Will work for food.

At least these guys actually mean it when they say they will work...
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Congressman: I want to go to war.
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