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Originally Posted by A+ Lawncare
scrub alcoholic will work for beer whose worried about the green backs when all you use the money for beer...

scrub prices, hehe

.25 acre- 6pack of miller lite
.50 acre- 12pack of miller lite
.75 acre- 24pack of miller lite
1 acre- 30pack of miller lite
I'm serious. I don't know if you have actually seen some of these "scrubs". I could sell my two bicycles and buy a better setup than they have. I've known some really poor people in my day, so I have a pretty good idea of how these folks live. If you lived like that and you could barely keep food on the table, you'd do what you had to do too.

When I was picking tobacco, I used to drive by this guy every day on my way to work. He had a sign that said "will work for food" or something along those lines. One day I stopped and offered him a job. $7.50 per hour to start, 10+ hours a day, with evenings and weekend hours available if he wanted to make even more. I was making more than $500 per week, which wasn't too bad for a college kid way back then. He said "No thanks".

So, when I say "At least these guys actually mean it when they say they will work", I'm dead serious.
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Congressman: I want to go to war.
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