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Originally Posted by A+ Lawncare
A proper LCO is not an jack arse of all trades, but rather a person who focuses in 1 thing to perfection.... we perfect ourselves on grass cutting and landscaping not carpentry.
so what your saying is im not a proper LCO. I dont think that is a very nice thing to say. I am basicly a jack of all trades, and do alot of very different jobs/trades. so far this year, since spring , i have done two brick patios , a small deck , repaired three trucks for a local company , and am currently doing a $5000(labor only) tile job. after this i have another patio/retaining wall/planting job , then a full kitchen remodel and two 400sq ft decks.

Im not trying to sound kool or anything but i do very nice work no matter what the job is. all my work comes from referalls, no advertising at all, these people have seen my work some where and want me to do what ever they need done.

Does this mean im just a jack a** running around steeling every one elses work cause i do more than one thing. My price isnt always the lowest either. I am a registered company, buiss. insurance for remodeling and landscaping, two trucks and trailers, and about $30,000 in tools and equipment. I also work solo and everything i have is paid for. but from your coment(which really bothers me) im just a scrub.............Bryan
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