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Keep a minimum about of cash in your business checking account to meet incoming expenses, because checking only pays about 1 to 2 % if that. Put all exess cash in a business brokage account, like a money market, which pays 5 to 6%. Then you go from there to put that money to work in investments.
One important lesson in cash flow management is to take in cash fast and draw out your expenses long. For example, get prepaid contracts and pmts on receipt.(with in 30 days)(CASH IN)and pay your expenses 30, 60, 90(CASH OUT). I prefer to transfer balances on credit cards to the end on the year where no interest is due.(even negative interest is possible, -1 to -2%)

If you would like to make $75 on setting up brokage account, for a referal fee, I would be glad to help you guys. Thats $75 in your pocket.
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