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Originally Posted by bigz1001
The smaller engine uses much less gas per hour and most people mowing large properties are not using these 21 inch mowers. Your argument makes no sense. Sorry. Someone driving a v6 or 4 cylinder ranger may not be able to go as fast as someone driving the larger v8, which one is going to use less gas when being used for their intended purpose? I figure this is in the wrong forum as well.

Global warming is a myth! If it isn't then explain to me the different glacial periods the earth has went through. As long as Nascar continues to be a sport where those guys burn 20+ gallons of fuel in 60 miles, I will never be convinced our enviroment is in enough danger to worry about the neighbor push mowing his lawn.
Yea and they also spill a lot of gas on pit road. I can't believe the tree hugger's haven't tried stopping this killer sport.....

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