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Originally Posted by LawnBrother
Ok, this is the stupidist call I have gotten so far this year:

Caller: "Hello, I got your number from a flyer. My name is Ms. Numbskull and I need some work done in my yard."
Me: "Sure, I would be glad to. What exactly do you need done?"
Caller: "Well, I'm not sure really. I think I just need my deck squared off, do you do that?"
Me: "Um, well, I have several ways to go about it. What size lawn mower do you think I should use on it?"
Caller: "No, no, You don't understand, I don't need my grass cut. I need my deck squared off"
Me: "Ok, then why didn't you call a carpenter??"
Caller: "I just thought...oh never mind. Goodbye."

Man, what is the matter with some people??
What are some of the stupidist calls you guys have had? I'm sure there are some better (worse) ones than this, although I'm still reeling from it....
This didn't come from a phone call, but from a customer who I was trimming up some trees for. Anyway he started asking me what I would charge him to mow his grass and I said, $20 and he said that is what I am paying my guy now but have not heard from him. If he doesn't get ahold of me I will call u. I said OK, sounds good. Then he asks me If I would wax his car for him My truck says Lawn Care on the side of it not automotive detailer
cooper lawn care
and snow removal
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