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Me: Hello ABC Lawncare
Customer: Hi this is Mrs Doh do you cut grass
Me: Yes we do how can I help you.
Customer: My neighbor needs their grass cut I'm tired of looking at it.
Me: Maybe it would be a good idea for your neighbor to call me
Customer: Well they won't they are too cheap to pay anybody to mow their lawn
Me: Well I don't believe I can mow someone elses property without their permission.
Customer: Well they are not home right now go ahead and come over and cut it.
Me: If I were to do that exactly who would be paying the bill would it be you.
Customer: I'm not gonna pay to have their lawn cut thats crazy.
Me: I agree !
Customer: Just bill them
Me: I thought you said they were too cheap to pay to have their lawn cut.
Customer: Well aren't you rude, never mind
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