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Originally Posted by A+ Lawncare
come on guys, don't ya know it takes a proffesional to gas up? scabyscapes got his bacheleor degree in gassing up cars
well then smart ass, you gas it and see how well you do the first time. it takes experince. not a degree. that was the point i was tring to get across. thanks for showing us how much you dont know about the subject.

the gas does flow back into the catch can and over flow there as well. but in the overflow valve there is a one way flap that is supposed to hinder the loss of fuel. it helps but its not a perfect system.

the gasman will spill the gas if the catchcan is not installed before the plugs in. the air in the tank wont have anywhere to go and it will not go in the fuel cell. not it is crutial that he is there before you.
the reason you wont see a 4 tire stop and 2 cans of fuel get anyfaster than 13 to 14 seconds is because it takes approx 7 seconds to dump 11 gallons of fuel in the car. it wont get any faster unless they 1. change the design of the dump can 2. only take 2 tires and 1 can. 3. cheat and make the can dump faster by changing it somehow.

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